Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association


The association acts as an aggregator of all new and existing initiatives within a unique innovation cluster based in Ticino / Switzerland, fostering the advancement of economic progress: more competitive products for companies, more prosperous careers for individuals and growth of swiss education system.
The association promotes and facilitates innovation and research, merging publicand private sectors, with the aim of promoting awareness and development of all technologies related to blockchain and decentralized applications (DLT).
The ecosystem links two main drivers of innovation: universities and research centers on the one hand, and private companies, which transform scientific knowledge into economic wealth, on the other. What will take place in Ticino is therefore a complex process of economic enhancement of education and scientific and technological research, which flows from universities and Research Institutes, which is then distributed (employees and research results) over the territory, while offering enterprises the ability to capitalize on the results of the research by showcasing and deploying marketable products.

Focus 1

A concentration of heterogeneous entities: universities, students, research centers, enterprises, public and private investment funds

Focus 2

Partners regardless of their nature, are united by the "sacred fire of innovation", and are engaged, with different roles, in producing economic value starting from scientific and technological research

Focus 3

Partners, while operating in the same economic arena and often in competition with one another, demonstrate high degrees of cooperation


Poseidon Group

We invest worldwide in companies that develop, test and deliver solutions to evolve the status quo of the financial system. https://poseidongroup.ch/

Quadrans Foundation

Open-source, public, decentralised blockchain infrastructure for Smart-Contracts and dApps


Pangea Blockchain Fund

curates investment in blockchain technologies at the forefront of the next tectonic shift in the human experience


Eligma / Gocrypto

Global facilitators of seamless and secure crypto payments



provides a platform and services to easily integrate blockchain into any application


Superflat SA

Fintech Regtech

provides blockchain based services for financial transactions (OTC)


Interchain Stiftung

Cosmos protocol

Our current focus is on the interoperable blockchain technology of the Cosmos Network


Partnerships & Collaborations


  • Boost awareness of blockchain & DLT technologies
  • Co-hosted events with blockchain innovators
  • Know-how exchange
  • Share efforts and costs
  • Real field project deploy
  • Access to academic research

december 2020

Presentation to Centro Sistemi Informativi (CSI) of Cantone Ticino and Divisione Sistemi Informativi Città di Lugano


Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association
has been established

Lugano, 2 September 2020

Statute of the Association

[press release]



Presa di posizione relativa alla modifica della Circolare FINMA 16/7

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Consultazione sulla Ordinanza sull’adeguamento del diritto federale agli sviluppi della tecnologia di registro distribuito

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New Blockchain Organization Launched to Strengthen Ties with Academia



Swiss blockchain group formed to encourage new blockchain companies



Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association
has been established

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Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association

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